About the ABRC

The African Beekeeping Resource Centre (ABRC) is a not-for-profit South based NGO registered in Kenya working on beekeeping development across Africa researching, educating and lobbying for knowledge and environments that will: maximise bee husbandry, increase the trade in bee products, protect and enhance bee forage and habitat, and find ways to use beekeeping and honey hunting for wider benefit.

The ABRC Team:

Cornelius Kasisi


Cornelius Kasisi is a Kenyan National with over 20 years’ experience of beekeeping and sustainable agriculture development programmes in Eastern Africa.  Cornelius works as a beekeeping extensionist and trainer with Baraka Agricultural College in Molo, Kenya.  He also has experience working with beekeepers in South Sudan and Uganda where he is currently providing on-going support and training to beekeepers in northern Uganda and South Sudan through Offaka Agricultural College in Nebbi, Uganda.

Tom Carroll


Tom Carroll is an Irish National from Co. Laois.  Tom has worked in African beekeeping development since 1993 with a variety of beekeeping projects in Kenya and in particular as head of beekeeping with Baraka Agricultural College from 1999 to 2008.  Tom has undertaken numerous beekeeping development assignments throughout Africa including in Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Ethiopia, and in particular in South Sudan and Somalia.  Tom communicates with beekeepers across Africa though his website www.apiconsult.com and is a founder member of the African Beekeeping Resource Centre (ABRC).  Tom is author of the book ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Beekeeping in Kenya’.  In 2012 Tom completed his PhD studies at University College Dublin.  His thesis was titled “An Analysis of Livelihood Improvement and Smallholder Beekeeping in Kenya”.  In 2013 a peer reviewed paper on the same topic was published in the international development journal, ‘Development in Practice’ .  In 2017 Tom published an online bee course: ‘Background to Beekeeping – Start with Why’.

Fred Otieno

Fred Otieno_ed

Fred Otieno is a Kenyan National with over 15 years’ experience of beekeeping and community development work in Kenya.  Fred holds a BA in Development Studies from Mount Kenya University.  Fred is a practical beekeeper himself and has 7 years experience on beekeeping training and extension work with Baraka Agricultural College.

Christopher Davey


Chris Davey has more than twenty years’ experience in Africa running development organisations, designing projects and assessing the impact of programmes. He has a farming background and has worked extensively with smallholders and pastoralists. He has also worked on conservation and resource management projects at both national and regional levels; and with refugees.

Chris’ technical fields include: agriculture, apiculture, livestock production and rangeland management, forestry, land tenure issues and renewable energy management. He has also worked on water, energy, environmental sanitation and community planning programmes with people living in slums.

Chris is a beekeeper and founder member of ABRC, with experience of keeping bees in Kenya and the UK. He currently manages over 100 hives in the UK on a commercial basis.