Announcing a New Project: Lessons from the Field

Lessons from the field:  building from field experience to improve support for beekeeping in Kenya and Uganda

African Beekeeping Resource Centre (ABRC), has been awarded 12-month funding by the Irish organisation Misean Cara to identify ways of improving support for beekeeping in Kenya and Uganda.  The project is in collaboration with the Franciscan managed Baraka Agriculture College, Kenya and Adraa Agriculture College, Uganda.  The project will analyse donor-funded beekeeping projects to see if they are delivering the anticipated result of better livelihoods for poor beekeepers and their families. The field work will lead to improved training guidelines, and will inform an advocacy campaign to influence the kind of support provided to the sector by donors and development agencies.

We hope you find the scope of this project of interest and value, and we look forward to providing further updates as the work proceeds. Please get back to us if you would like more information in the interim.

Kind regards

Chris Davey (Programme Manager)

Tom Carroll (Technical Manager)


African Beekeeping Resource Centre

12 thoughts on “Announcing a New Project: Lessons from the Field

  1. This is very interesting and a very important scope of work. I will be interesting to see how the project findings will attempt to answer some key questions among them: What has worked in the past? What has failed? What were the contributing factors? Has all this been documented as case studies for learning to upcoming projects? This will be valuable information for any funding opportunists to ensure funds are channeled where need is.

    1. Thanks Peter for your comment. we are very excited about this project and what we can learn and share with others on how to make beekeeping projects more effective.

        1. Thanks Martin – we look forward to sharing the lessons we learn….follow us on social media for updates on progress

  2. Hi I am a novice beekeeper.I have 10 beehives and 3 are occupied.I need some help to have the rest occupied.I will make my first harvest hopefully in August.

    1. Try and identify the route where bees usually pass and hang your hives high up on trees so that they can be occupied then you return them back to the apiary. By doing this, you will increase the hive occupancy rate. Thanks.

  3. we would like to partner with your organization in the bee keeping project as we have 10 years plan to produce organic drinks from honey bees and locally produced plants .

    1. Dear Akwete. Have you heard about The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organization (TUNADO)? You can visit their website and they will guide you accordingly. Thanks.

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