Lessons from the field – Project Update December 2016

“Lessons from the field:  building from field experience to improve support for beekeeping in Kenya and Uganda”

In collaboration with our partners we have at this stage completed all the field work for this project.  In–depth case studies were conducted with more than 50 of the best beekeepers we could identify from a sample of counties and districts in Kenya and Uganda to understand lessons which can be learned from these exemplary beekeepers.   These detailed on-farm visits have provided us with a fascinating insight into what it takes to be a good beekeeper in East Africa.

Nicodemus Mwangi from Nakuru Kenya was one of the expert beekeepers interviewed.
Nicodemus Mwangi from Nakuru Kenya was one of the expert beekeepers interviewed.

Key informant interviews were conducted with county and district beekeeping stakeholders.  We also examined a sample of 15 beekeeping projects from Kenya and Uganda to identify the lessons we could learn from these projects.  We want to know what makes a good beekeeping project so that we can advise stakeholders on how to improve support to beekeepers.

On the 5th/6th of December 2016 we held an international workshop in Kisumu, Kenya, with participants drawn from Kenya and Uganda where we shared some of the project findings.  We also took the opportunity to discuss some of the key challenges in beekeeping in East Africa.

We now have a substantial body of information that we are working on at the moment so that we can share with stakeholders in beekeeping in an easily accessible manner.

Florence Achiro,  a beekeeper from Kuching sub-county, in the north of Uganda.
Florence Achiro, an expert beekeeper interviewed from Kuching sub-county, in the north of Uganda.

A report on discussions from the Kisumu workshop will be available in the coming weeks in addition to key lessons learned from the ‘Lessons from the Field’ project which was supported by Misean Cara. If you would like to stay informed and receive further updates please make sure you are subscribed to the ABRC mailing list on the following page: http://africanbeekeeping.org/contact/


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